Buying Property in Madeira

Buying Property in Madeira

Buying Property in Madeira Island

Buying property in Madeira is allowed to all European nationals without any authorization to settle in Madeira Island. As from September 2012, property investors from non-E.U. countries are granted residency status provided that buying a property as an investment  in Madeira is a must, over and above €350.000 (Three hundred and fifty thousand Euros) as well as compliance of certain rules and regulations. 

The beautiful island of Madeira in Portugal is one of the greatest locations for buying property for own use, investment, second home or retirement purposes - given its year round mild sub-tropical climate, its culture, people, festivities throughout the year and its slow and peaceful pace of life. 

Only a small percentage of land on the island may be developed whilst the remaining much larger percentage is untouchable and has to remain in its natural state  - some of which is sheltered by UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE legislation land protection rights.

How to obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal?

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