The Golden Visa Programe in Madeira, Portugal has become the most popular scheme in Europe due to its simplicity, flexibility and benefits.
Designed to encourage investment from non-EU nationals, the Golden Visa offers a fast track to obtaining a residency permit in Madeira, Portugal.

There are several ways to obtain the visa:
1. Investment of 500 000Euro in free hold property in Madeira, Portugal.

2. Investment of 350 000Euro in free hold property in Madeira Portugal – Reduced version limited to certain criteria requirements.

3. Establishing a business and providing employment in Madeira Portugal.

Holders of Portuguese Golden Visas and their families (children and parents) are given a temporary residence permit for twelve months, which is renewable for subsequent two-year periods.

To qualify for the visa, holders have to visit Madeira in Portugal for a minimum of seven days in the first year of residence and thereafter, 14 days for each subsequent 2 year period.
This visa will allow you to travel freely across Europe within the Schengen area.

The most attractive benefit of the visa is that after five years, holders of the Golden Visa may apply for a permanent residence permit in Madeira Portugal and after six years may apply for Portuguese citizenship if all other legal requirements are met.

Some of the basic requirements for qualification for the Visa are:

  • Initial investment
  • Clean Criminal record certificate from country of origin
  • Proof of legal entry into Madeira Portugal
  • Evidence of compliance with tax and social security obligations (Portuguese)
  • Commitment to maintain investment in Madeira for a minimum of five years 

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