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Retirement in MadeiraMadeira Island is quickly becoming a retirement haven for those people who are seeking a new lifestyle to go with their newfound freedom. Retiring to Madeira Island has many advantages including its proximity to the European mainland and Africa. The climate of Madeira is very stable and this is inviting to those who wish to relax in a temperate environment where the sun is nearly always shining.

There is a rising population of expats enjoying retirement life in Madeira where there are opportunities to start a business or just relax and delight in the tranquil quaintness of the Island in your autumn years. Whatever your reason for considering retirement in Madeira, opportunities exist to live out your dream of retirement in paradise.

Madeira Island (and the smaller Porto Santo island - connected by air or ferry) is situated off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic ocean and are territories of Portugal. The primary language is Portuguese; however, English is widely spoken, particularly in the tourist centers. The mild temperatures are quite alluring for retirees who wish to remain a reasonable distance from family back home; Madeira Island is only an hour and a half flight to the continent.

Madeira island is an affluent area with home prices in the higher range though the recent economic dip means more affordable real estate prices so a buyers market now exists. This is good news for anyone considering retirement in Madeira

Enjoying Retirement in Madeira

There are many recreation and leisure pursuits available in Madeira Island so retirement does not need to be entirely relaxation and cocktails at 5:00 pm! With such a diverse physical environment and over 250 plant species, the nearly 600 hundred miles of walking paths mean there will be plenty of flora discoveries while hiking in the spectacular mountainous terrain or lush valleys.

If you wish to start a small business in your 'retirement', the tourism trade offers ample investment prospects and with hundreds of thousands of visitors to Madeira throughout the year, chances are your small tourist linked business will succeed. Madeira Island administrators make business investment very attractive.

Retirement in Madeira means days of fishing, shopping, nights dining out on delectable island cuisine, while enjoying Madeira culture through music and dancing. Madeira Island Healthcare is top-quality and accessible.

Real Estate in Madeira

There are many home styles to select from in Madeira and luxury is the focal point with ocean views and ocean front property available. Condo living and apartment complexes are popular with retirees to Madeira with their inclusive lifestyles.

It is important to remember when considering a Madeira Island real estate purchase that affordable retirement homes are readily available and having an Island property expert guide you through your home search is essential.

There are no restrictions to freehold ownership for international property purchasers, a benefit for semi-retirement or property managed options. Madeira Island is a luxurious retirement destination offering affordable homes and spectacular opportunity. For Exclusive Details On Retirement In Madeira Island, Call The Experts At Nobrega Realty Now!