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Here's what our clients have been saying about us...

Isabel and Bob - Scotland, UK. Living in Madeira island Portugal 175 days of the year and on the increase.

Living in Madeira island Portugal was our plan to retire and excluded the idea of buying off-plan in Madeira Portugal due to the high risks involved.  Having opted to buy a resale villa/property/house on the island of Madeira in Portugal, we decided to work with Tony de Nobrega as he was licensed and could communicate fluently in both Portuguese and English.  99% of the resale properties/villas/houses on the island of Madeira belong to Portuguese owners.

We found out quickly that we had the need to work with somebody who could understand the seller’s motivation for selling.

Tony’s transparent style of negotiating helped us to achieve purchasing our dream villa in Madeira Portugal to escape the very cold and dark winters back home in Scotland. We recommend his first class service and high level expertise and practical advice to anyone planning on retiring in Madeira island Portugal.

Eddy and Tracey Wallace, UK Living in Madeira island 100 days of the year and on the increase.

We decided to buy a second home in Madeira Portugal, after researching the Internet we contacted Tony de Nobrega as he is a licensed Estate Agent in Madeira Portugal, with a good selection of properties/houses/villas, an added advantage is that Tony was born on the island in Funchal the capital of Madeira Portugal and is fully bilingual and understands the Madeira culture, this is especially important if you do not speak Portuguese.  After discussing our requirements with Tony, near the sea in a fishing village on the West Coast of Madeira.  He identified a possible property 30 metros from the sea, that he was due to see and be placed on the market with him as sole agent.  We knew the village “Paul do Mar” and asked him to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

The visit was a success and with Tony’s help and support, chasing up outstanding paperwork, translating between the vendor, our solicitor, and ourselves we placed an offer for the property in October and completed the sale in December just before Christmas.  We have no hesitation in recommending Tony; he maintained excellent communication with us via email/phone during the whole buying process and afterwards to ensure that everything ran quickly and smoothly.

We love our new second home in Madeira, it is exactly what we wanted and have no doubts that should we be seeking another property with a view to living in Madeira Portugal on a more permanent basis, the first person we would contact will be Tony de Nobrega. He is very experienced and professional and delivers an excellent customer experience and knows the Madeira property market.

Jim & Anne Currie ex Tarbert, Scotland. Living in Madeira now in their retirement home.

For two years, my wife and I had been toying with the idea of living in Madeira Portugal.  Eventually we did and are now happily ensconced in our new house in Funchal Madeira with a wonderful view of its famous harbour.  For this, we have to thank Tony de Nobrega who tirelessly and patiently guided us through the maze of house purchasing on this wonderful island of Madeira.

Tony’s efforts did not stop at the usual Estate Agent services – he went out of his way to ensure that we had the proper advice regarding Painters, Decorators, Builders and Technical Services. Best of all and a novelty for us UK expats; he didn’t mind answering seemingly silly questions or giving up his quality time at weekends or on his days off. No, he’s not a saint, but he does know his business and we are thankful for his invaluable assistance and after service. Well done Tony.

Rocky da Silva – South Africa. Was living in Madeira Portugal as a child.

I have known Tony for many years back in South Africa. I gave Tony a sole mandate to market my second home in Madeira Portugal. Within 2 weeks he found a qualified buyer.

I recommend his services to anyone looking for professionalism, honesty and transparency in this business. Madeira has acquired a top professional and I wish him all of the very best!

Cape Town, South Africa.

Tony was recommended to me by a friend in Madeira Portugal as the ideal person to market my second home in Madeira. I know that anybody who makes it in the industry in South Africa will make it anywhere in the world!

Within 2 months he came up with a willing and able buyer from Sweden. His ability to negotiate across the ocean miles and his communication skills in managing the different cultural needs, resulted into a very smooth sale. I recommend Tony’s professionalism to anybody who is planning on living in Madeira island and wish him success in the future.

Luis Felix – Ponta do Sol, Madeira. Living in Madeira Portugal.

Tive a minha propriedade no Mercado 3 anos. Durante este período entreguei a vários agentes sem resultados. O Sr. Nobrega foi recomendado pelo um amigo e foi realmente a pessoa que teve a capacidade e visão assim como experiência de gerir a minha situação.

Em 120 dias apresentou-me com um comprador ideal para a minha propriedade! Resultado – este Sr vê-se que teve formação em criar situações “win-win”!

Suzi e João– Calheta Born,Living in Madeira island Portugal.

Depois de ter tido a minha propriedade no mercado e entregue a numerosos agentes imobiliários, entreguei em regime de exclusividade a firma NOBREGA REALTY. Em 49 dias a minha propriedade foi vendida!

Sweden. Living in Madeira island 30 days of the year and on the increase.

Tony was exceptional in finding my second home on the island of  Madeira Portugal. His ability to understand my needs and perspectives were that of a true professional.

I recommend Tony and his Company to anybody who needs a professional Real Estate service on the island of Madeira. We have become friends and I am truly happy… so much so, that I am bringing along some friends over to the island who are also keen on living in Madeira Portugal.

Brian and Angela – UK – (now living in Madeira Portugal in their retirement home).

Tony understood our needs and led us to buying our retirement home of our dreams on the beautiful island of Madeira Portugal.

I cannot say enough about Tony and his services. His work speaks for itself. He was tireless and continues to be available to us since our move to Tabua in Ribeira Brava. Our move from England ran smoothly and we remain good friends. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone!

M. Teixeira - From Funchal,Living in Madeira Portugal.

Tive a minha propriedade no mercado 2 anos e foi a firma Nobrega que trouxe o comprador ideal. Recomendo este Sr Nobrega pela sua honestidade, conduta profissional e humildade.

Bill and Frances - UK. Now living in Madeira island 45 days of the year and on the increase to a new life in Madeira island.

We chose to work with Nobrega Realty as they are licensed, fluent in both English and Portuguese and have a proven track record of success in the industry as well as in  Madeira island. Tony was invaluable in his support and guidance as to our choosing the appropriate location for buying our second home in Madeira Portugal.

We are now proud owners of a lovely townhouse in Tabua and looking forward to our returning to Madeira  – away from the UK’s cold and dismal winters. We are excited about learning the new Madeira culture and all the local events and festivities held throughout the year!

Tony proved to be honest, straightforward and found us our second home within a short time scale. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wishing to buy with the intention to living in Madeira island Portugal.


If you want to entrust someone to handle the buying or marketing of your property in Madeira island Portugal in the best possible manner contact us.

Remember…Your Satisfaction is our Success!